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Home Theater.  The wave of the 90's brought us digital phones, wireless internet and broadband.  Today's electronics seems to change every 6 months.  VCR's replaced with DVR's, 5:1 changed to 7:2, large projection TV's are now 1/2" thick that you can hang on a wall like a picture.  All these factors make finding a pre-manufactured entertainment center designed to accommodate your entertainment equipment, let alone in the design or style that would fit in your home can be quite frustrating.  This is where custom entertainment centers can work for you. 

Custom Entertainment centers allow an infinite array of options to fit your system and space.   The ability to design a custom entertainment center that fits in a given space, tailor-made for your TV and stereo equipment.  This cannot  be achieved  by any premade furniture manufacturer.  From large to small, we can accommodate just about every situation imaginable.  Shown below are a few photographs of pieces made with the clients style and equipment in mind.

Have a particular space and idea in mind.  Contact us and we will be happy to meet with you and create a home theater that best suits your needs.

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