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Refacing is a great alternative to replacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  This allows the home owner to update a kitchen by changing the color, wood species and style of the cabinets.  Refacing gives you the ability to change the look by reworking  older cabinets and installing newer appliances.  Remove an older cabinet entirely or just replace it with a new one.   Such as in the photos below, the peninsula upper cabinet was removed and a larger upper cabinet with glass doors was installed.   This gives this kitchen a completely new look.

New drawers, rollout shelves and many other options available can be installed. 

The great benefit is time.  A typical kitchen can be converted within 3 days. 


BeforeBerty1.jpg (62060 bytes)BeforeBerty2.jpg (60178 bytes)  Reface3.jpg (89331 bytes)